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Hi friends! We have all been there: New Years Resolutions start off with the best of intentions yet come and go. This being late-March, I wanted to get into those tiny little bandeaus for Spring just last week when summer made a brief appearance, yet my winter body wasn’t quite ready. I was ripe for a quick makeover. The spring weather is so inspiring –I want to jump into those skimpy frocks that are waiting impatiently in my closet. I am not a big believer in diets and fads, nor was I going to commit to any program or regime just for the sake of fashion. As it turns out, my sugary habits went a little haywire this past winter (blame the Sweedish fish) and I needed to step it up. Just a little bit. I am kind of an exercise nut and have been most of my adult life. I am versed in all forms of getting my cardio on, but the Physique 57 technique— a streamlined 57 minute barre method designed to transform your body–ties it all together. Physique 57 workouts require a mind-body connection with strength and stamina playing a core role. Mind blowing stuff.

I read “The Physique Solution”, the 2-week plan for a lean, beautiful body. I figured if this won’t change my dirty habits, nothing will. Rigorous and effective, not only are the isometric exercises challenging, but FUN to boot. One of my favorite moves is the Pretzel, an old-school ultimate butt burner. All the details in the book are on the simple setups and some how to’s. With the book comes Chapter 11: The Menu: a healthy yummy meal plan that was designed to complement the workouts. I basically had to cut out sugar, wheat, alcohol, and milk products.. all the extras that add up in our body making us feel “blah”.  The menu steered me towards tasting foods without feeling deprived. The Mediterranean philosophy wins all the time. Lots of green veggies and fruits, lean protein, and spices, and of course, drinking more water!

My favorite recipes from the book are the Tomato-Cucumber Salad, (I ate it daily) and the Baked Apples which were so easy to make and delicious. I am on the tail-end of this two-week trip and I think the science behind this technique works. I already feel lighter, and confident enough to pull off my barely-there sheers for the beach. Heading to see pink sand over the weekend. There’s no magic bullet here, there’s no secret. Let the transformation begin.  Click here to get the book: The Physique Solution

Mom jeans begone! 🙂

Have a happy Wednesday!

Till then..xo

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  1. Hi, The barre method totally works, love it!!! Since you are petite & so am I, I was wondering if you had any ideas about where one can get a well fitting sports bra/tops for a xs/xxs. Seriously I’ve spent sooo much time & money on that one item & I can’t even think of running in a badly fitted one. My recent two purchases were so utterly disappointing (bebe xs, though their xs clothes fits really well), I give up … help!!! Thanks 🙂

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