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Every one of us will inevitably suffer a natural degradation of bone density as we get older; reality bites. If we / you start paying attention early enough, it’s possible to take some pretty smart measures to strengthen our skeletons now, for a strong and healthy body, which fit right in alongside our normal everyday fitness goals. This post highlights the top 3 ways to exercise and care for yourself in order to promote bone strength; what we should eat, and what we could avoid in order to help build a strong skeleton that’ll last us through life. Here is how to achieve a HEALTHY BODY.
This isn’t just for teeth and bones, but moreover for broader health. The body is in a constant process of self-renewal, and rebuilding. Foods which are high in simple sugars, sweets and sodas for example, don’t just promote enamel-busting tooth decay, they can also inhibit the body from being able to absorb the bone-friendly calcium you’re consuming which reduces bone density. The same goes for salty foods which cause calcium to be lost via the kidneys. Antioxidants, healthy fats, zinc, fiber, vitamin A/C/D, etc., all contribute to a radiant glow, can help banish wrinkles and keep skin supple and soft. So before you take that next bite or sip, keep these five foods in mind to better your complexion from the inside out: kale, broccoli, blueberries, salmon and sardines. When I don’t have time to prepare all those meals, I make a morning smoothie fueling my body with good vitamins.
There is no question that alcohol is detrimental to our bodies, but it also has a direct effect on decreasing your bone mass. Too much caffeine also is dehydrating. It saps calcium from the bones and thus reduce their strength, as well as causing unsightly staining to the teeth. I am addicted to my daily cups and coffee is my vice, so I’m making sure to cap it at to two cups per day and brushing my teeth after for maintenance.

3ExerciseMovement. Wellness. These are words that are in my daily vocabulary. Good physical health comes from a variety of things and this is different for everyone. For me it’s about balance, moderation and practicing the things that make me feel good. I do cardio exersize a few days a week and just started boxing at a gym. Even if you don’t have time, take a walk for 10 minutes. Hike up the stairs. It all adds up. Here are my favorite types of workouts at the moment. Skipping, power walking, hiking, dancing, circuit training, weight training, and yoga.

It also helps to look your best while working out. Check out my chic workout gear which goes from gym to lunch in a healthy heartbeat!

boxing gym
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