fitness tips

Fitness Tips

Finding the time for fitness is not easy. Excuses like you’re too tired, too busy, are on a tight deadline for work, are starving, too full, it’s too early, it’s too late, it’s freezing cold, it’s boiling hot, it’s happy hour, you just washed your hair, all resonate with me and they probably ring true to many of you too. Blah blah blah, excuses excuses. I have made a concerted effort to not let this happen and a few things come to mind when I start to make those same excuses in my head. See my fitness tips on how to stay on track below.

fitness tips

Ivy Park mesh t shirt

Peony wrap around lace leggings

APL sneakers

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fitness tips
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Make it effortless. I book my workouts in advance so I will be charged for the class and if I don’t show up, I feel guilty. This tactic actually works for me. When I start feeling lazy and contemplate not going, BLEEP! My calendar reminder pop up and I just go. After the class, I feel great, so I remember what that endorphin rush is like and I use it to my advantage. This weather is also conducive to outdoor activities and I love taking outdoor runs and hikes.

The other trick that works? Get a great playlist. I can thank my kids for consistently having the best music of the minute. I follow their Spotify playlists and update new songs to my playlist. It definitely makes a difference! See it here and follow me here #NowPlaying running by Stephanie Unter 

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Workout gear matters. When you get dressed for work, or to rock the night away, you want to look your best. Same goes for fitness gear. There is every reason to feel great on your way out the door to exercise. These black wrap around lace leggings are my jam and I love to flaunt them because they are so unique. Peony sportswear makes easy to wear super comfortable workout gear that goes from workout to going out without any fuss.

Breakfast is key. I don’t like eating too much first thing in the morning so I partnered with Frances Sacripanti, a certified health and wellness coach to find the right breakfast for me. Frances gave me some great tips, not only for breakfast ideas, but tips that will stick with me throughout my days to stay hydrated and satiated. In terms of snacks, raw almonds and an apple are my go-to’s. Bars are also another option but look closely at the labels as many are loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar and carbs. I like this Green smoothie recipe. Get the details here.

8-10oz unsweetened almond milk, a handful of spinach or kale, one half frozen banana, a handful of frozen mango, one tablespoon of almond butter, one pitted date, and 2-3 ice cubes. Blend in some protein powder for more energy, or sprinkle chia or hemp seeds for an added bonus! I find that the smoothie is the perfect breakfast that gets me through my workout.

I will be sharing more tips as we head into summer. Anything you want to know about? Chime in! What’s your trick to getting to the gym?


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