How to Keep on A Fitness Routine

How to Keep on a Fitness Routine

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Finding the time and energy to workout is not easy. For example, today is windy, and I don’t want to sweat. What? Excuse number one. I used to make these type of excuses all the time and rarely would I fit a workout in my busy schedule. Other examples are you’re too busy, have too much work, just ate, it’s too early, it’s too late, you just washed your hair, it’s freezing cold, it’s boiling hot, it’s happy hour, blah blah blah. Do these signs ring a bell?

With trial and error, I found there are two tricks on how to keep on a fitness routine.

I will let you in on this. They are not secrets.

One is to schedule your gym time. Put that 30 or 40 minutes block of time in your calendar and take them as seriously as you would a meeting. There are apps that do this for you. One that comes to mind is called Mind/Body Connect which connects me to hundreds of classes in my area. From boxing to barre, it’s the perfect way to plan ahead and see where my favorite teachers will be teaching. So why you ask, does this actually work? Number one, when you look at your calendar while making plans, your gym time is blocked off so you don’t create scheduling conflicts. And when you start to feel lazy AF and contemplate not going, BOOM! a calendar reminder pops up. And number two, when you pay for a none refundable class in advance, you start taking workouts even more seriously. A #winwin situation.

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carbon 38

The second way to stay on a fitness routine is the ultimate activewear dress code. If there’s anything fashion people are as fanatical about as getting their hands on their designer’s collection each season, it’s about showing up for that Pilates Reformer class in the right high-end workout gear. Bandier, you nailed this one. Having the right awesome workout clothing is key and its linked to an uptick in the activewear as daywear trend. I knew none other than LuluLemon existed just a few years ago. Now Lululemon can be found on Amazon. I still love and wear their line, but there are so many other new and hot amazing brands out there! I love Live the Process, Koral Active, Splits 59 for basics, Adidas for Stella McCartney for the best sneakers, and Carbon38 just to name a few.


Net-A-Sporter took a bite of the fitness apparel with their favorite brands, and Nike and Adidas are upping their fashion cred. Now, more than ever, high-end designers inspired by street wear around the world, see: the sneaker craze and Yeezy Boost sneakers.

Just in time for Spring, Shopbop is currently having a sale including your favorite active-wear brands. The more you spend, the more you save. Use code BIGEVENT16 at checkout.

See my picks and shopping post for a sure-fire way to get that butt off to that class.  



Adidas by Stella McCartney sneakers / Boutique 1 sunglasses / Le Kasha grey hooded cashmere jacket / Givenchy iPhone case

Nixon watch / Carbon 38 leggings / Frends headphones / La Vie Boheme yoga mat

Lucas Hugh bra top / Free People bra top / adidas by Stella McCartney yoga crop hoodie / KOR water bottle / adidas by Stella McCartney sneakers

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