Dress Patriotic

How to dress patriotic for the holiday, hold the cheese? A dilemma we can all understand and relate to. At this moment in time especially, I want to wear red, white, and blue on my sleeves to show how proud I am to be an American. When the the Supreme Court released its ruling on same-sex marriage, I was walking to work, unaware history was being made.

how to dress patriotic

red white and blue top

Just like fireworks and hot dogs, festive clothing is essential for celebrating the Fourth of July. But let’s face it, Independence Day and fashion don’t exactly go hand in hand. You’re more likely to associate the holiday with cheesy graphic tees than a cute dress you might actually wear when the weekend is through.

What a better way to celebrate america than the good ol’ red white and blue? Wearing my new obsession, an off-the-shoulder top, and simple white jeans, I can look patriotic. Hold the mustard. See my pics below for what I am wearing for the holiday.

Baby, you’re a firework.

red white and blue top

red white and blue top

what to wear on the 4th of july
how to dress patriotic for the 4th

boohoo hat

Illesteva sunglasses

Spell by BryonBay top

Mother jeans

Soludos shoes

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