Summer Feeling

The wonder of summer is fleeting. The only way to hold on is to stretch its heat and glory all the way to the edges and indulge on holy vitamin D for when the cold wind blows in. I try to be prepared for summer with all the ingredients necessary to take summer by the horns, which includes being prepared with a moments notice to head out the door. In the summertime, I am motivated to explore, either surfing unchartered waters, checking out new live music, or exploring somewhere distant. Summer amplifies the joys of living a life of leisure, on a boat, on the beach, or trying a new Rosé. I just came back from a 24-hour trip to Chicago to see the Grateful Dead play their last show ever. It was pretty amazing.

stars dress

asos dress / converse sneakers

This post isn’t about being “bikini body” ready or spray tanned or even well-dressed. This is about packing your Summer Essentials kit now so that when someone asks, “are you ready to party?,” you can look them square in the eyes and laugh.

Because of course you are.

I try to make the most of every minute of the fifteen hours of daylight we get. I try and read the most books. I try to wear out my sandals. I try to work out my body as much as possible. You get the drill.

Whether you’re hunting for bugs in the wild yonder, paddle boarding with your sweetheart or bowing to the Mayan sungods down in Ol’ Mexico, let go of your insecurities and enjoy the warmth in the air. And smell the flowers!

straw hat
FullSizeRender 2

You need ONE: pair of sandals, denim shortsa white tee, an anklet (get festive!), a sarong (which will act as a skirt, a turban, a top), a baseball hat or a fly away straw variety, a swimsuit. And these tanning towels are the best.

Now go enjoy summertime. Let’s keep it going as long as we can.

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