off the shoulder top

Transitioning into Fall

I am ready for fall, but not ready to embrace the bulky sweaters quite yet. Just yesterday New York was a balmy 80 degrees, so I am taking advantage of wearing less while I can. This is one of my last summer in the city looks as fall is headed... Read More

Dress Patriotic

How to dress patriotic for the holiday, hold the cheese? A dilemma we can all understand and relate to. At this moment in time especially, I want to wear red, white, and blue on my sleeves to show how proud I am to be an American. When the the Supreme Court released... Read More

Bare Shoulders

I have been wearing a variety of off-the-shoulder tops now that summer is here. They have a way of turning heads even though this simple boho style has been around for long time. Although baring your shoulders are the perfect top for the streets and the office, especially when it... Read More

Off The Shoulder Tops

Could this be the end of plunging cleavages, boob hugging tops, and cropped tees? Probably not, BUT it is the dawn of yet another bare-it-all trend, this time though much more do-able, easy to pull off and age/body/style appropriate for pretty much everyone. Drumrolls please…If you buy one top this season,... Read More