Beach ready

The last time I took a proper beach trip was a while ago–possibly two Christmas seasons ago— and my suitcase was filled up with summer snazzies for an extended weekend give or take 2 days. I am heading to the Bahamas where the sand is pink, the sky is blue, the water is turquoise. Here is what I have learned. The key to packing for the beach is simple is to keep it light. Basically it goes like this: you wake up, go to the beach, stay at the beach till 5pm, shower and go out to dinner in a beachy town. Nobody gets dressed up for anything. Not much thought should go into it. It’s important to focus on the accessories, a few bottles of sunscreen, some Bahama mama lively spirit, a whole lot of bubby, and keep the rest pared down and simple. The last time I checked the weather over there, it was 80 degrees, so there is no reason to overpack especially when the TSA is bound to deem my suitcase too heavy before boarding. This got me thinking of what I was going to pack, so here is a suggested post on what I am bringing on my trip.

It all boils down to this. I will probably live in a cover-up day to night. When in Rome, do as they do.  Clothing is recyclable so you can wear and repeat until you get home. White jeans, because they go with anything from a T-shirt and flats to dressed up with a disco top and rockin’ heels. A lime green cover-up because it’s bright and fun and I can throw a denim jacket over it for the hell of it.  A Hawaiian printed tote for all the essentials on the beach: a book, sunscreen, my iPhone, wallet, yada yada yada. A neon brimmed hat because I’ll be shading that high sun away so I don’t get a freckly face. A bandeau to wear as a bathing suit, or out at night with a cardigan or blazer. One sweater  for the plane. Friendship bracelets for fun. A turquoise bib necklace for everything. And cuffs for the arms. Oh yeah… this time I won’t forget my undies.
Yup, that happened.
Au revoir! xxoo

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