Think Pink

I am truly not a big fan of wearing pink and I never was. Even back in high school times, I never liked the color on me, just on my Barbie dolls or my Bazooka bubblegum. Although, I do admire things that are pink like the recent pastel looks on the runways, or the pink sands of the Bahamas. I was just in the land of pink sand, pink clouds, pink houses, pink golf carts– yes I just came from Harbour Island, where everything from exterior paint color to ice cream is a dip-dyed pastel hue of mint green, baby blue, and golden yellow. And pink. In honor of the Easter Bunny’s arrival on Sunday, I thought I would throw down a sugary post in his honor.

Benson pink ombré  shirt, Asos clutch, Maje belt, Citizens of Humanity jeans. Photo: Michael Crook

Here I am dressing thematically just in time for the pastel-colored egg celebration. If you don’t celebrate Easter, like me, here’s a toast to Maror. It’s pink too. If you don’t know what Maror is, its a bitter herb that shows up on the Passover Seder table. But back to the post, wearing pink ombré is a way to celebrate pink in a softer vibe and by adding a hint of neon accessories it truly makes the jeans-and-a shirt outfit pop. At the time this photo was taken I was actually trying to dodge throngs of touristy traffic in the streets, hopefully looking unfazed, while strutting my “Oh, I’m so cool” look. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look so LA fake. Or does it?

In any case, the one pink thing I really fell in love with on my trip besides my new colored gem stone bracelet from “Shine” (more on that later) is a pink drink. A drink? A non-alcoholic drink I might add. I came upon this adorable shop called “Sweet Spot” right on the bay next to “Shine” where I found my new favorite boisson (drink). It is cranberry juice blended with three berry brewed tea, agave syrup, ice, topped off with a sprig of mint-the perfect summery mocktail. Try it, tell me what you think, I think you’ll love it. 🙂

So much more goodies to come from the getaway to Harbour Island coming your way. You’ll just have to wait till next time.

Happy Easter Peeps! Happy Passover! Or whatever you might celebrate. Happy weekend!


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  1. julie goldberg

    “i believe in pink…” the best quote EVER by the beautiful and fashionable Audrey Hepburn.
    not a pink girl myself, don’t own one item in that color…but love it at as attitude!

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