Plaid Reborn this Spring

This season, I am on the hunt for anything besides floral prints. Tired of the hum drum standard plaids are for spring, florals are for spring mantra, I want the new new. Wearing fashion and declaring it your own is stepping a bit out of your comfort zone. Plaid is reborn this spring as designers are offering new playful takes on tops and trousers. From Gucci to Stella, the new style isn’t stuffy. Its playful, and adds a sense of humor and whimsey to any look. How to Wear Plaid in Spring It’s safe to say that plaid returns every season, and spring is no exception. The classic pattern feels fresh with its enlarged grid-like structure, windowpane, and small check versions. I paired this oversize... Read More

A Fashionistas Guide to Los Angeles

When it comes to travel, I love exploring places I have never been. In addition, I create extensive to-do lists and hit them hard. The act of conquering the unknown has always been a draw for me. On the flip side, going somewhere that I know well and have visited is fun and easy on the brain. I have been to Los Angeles over twenty times. At this point, the west coast holds a special place in my heart. The people are super friendly, a refreshing change from the East Coast vibe. I consider moving out to California several times of year because New York weather doesn’t cooperate with me, I need Vitamin D, hence am at a loss at what to wear. I pulled out... Read More

Spring Ahead

Spring is New York always feels like it is a month behind. Today we mark the Spring Equinox, the first official day of Spring. It will be a true surprise if we have a day over 50 degrees. On the heels of a quick trip to Los Angeles where Spring is in full-bloom, there was no-jacket required. Spring has been particularly hasty and irregular this year, but this is no anomaly. According to data by The New York Times, in the latter half of the 20th century the spring emergence of leaves, frogs and birds, and flowers advanced by 2.8 days per decade. I love the  concept of spring ahead and the extra daylight. Spring Ahead Early spring felt great for a brief week in February, until... Read More

How to Layer in Fifty Degree Weather

There is basic human instinct to layer. Food-wise, layering anything is fun. Think of peanut butter and jelly, milk and cereal, avocado and toast. Your meals would taste pretty bland if one was without the other. In the movies, character personalities are layered, and in books, chapters move and develop layers strategically from one page to the next. This phenomenon is similar to what happens to our bodies. In late winter, as we move towards early spring, we humans need just as much layering love. Coats are cool, but layers thrive in 50-degree weather. Fashion in a transitional season can be fun when we can layer. A cardigan over a t-shirt, a henley under a dress, a trench over a Canadian tuxedo, a sweatshirt dress under a... Read More

Pretty in Pink

Jacquemus off-the-shoulder top Lou cropped jean white sneakers MCM structured statement bag I am no longer floored by the vagaries of the weather. March brings high’s of 60 and lows of 30 degrees and getting dressed can be stifling. But now that Spring will officially arrive by the end of the month, we needs to address our Spring wardrobe. I know I do. But what to buy? Let’s chat about pink for a minute. When I was growing up, the color pink was such a prissy color, I refused to wear it. Now that it is basically everywhere you turn, I want to give pink a second try, with stripes! so its not too girly. I can be pretty in pink, especially now that the trend has infiltrated my... Read More

Lighten Up Your Look

Are pendants, brooches, and huge earrings making a comeback in fashion? Suddenly, I feel the urge to pull out all my rhinestones, large hoop earrings, and a slew of embellishments. These bejeweled objects will decorate the lapels of our blazers come spring, and our trenchcoats when the weather hovers in the mid 50’s. Global warming is certainly here. This February, it was 65 degrees one day, but today it was back to real February winter. Honestly, it’s practically spring and I want to shed all of the layers. Because winter coats suck, but vests and blazers – the lightweight versions, don’t. Scroll down for some bullet-proof ideas on how to lighten up your look. Lighten up your look. Take off your heavy winter coat. Add a fun... Read More

Simple Lines

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me. Between fashion week and non-fashion related stuff, most of February has been a blur. I have been trying to reorganize my house, my office, my closet, and everything in between. In a constant state of purging these days. I have been trying to rewear, reuse, and make use of the things I love until I can’t look at them anymore. This rings true for furniture, my clothing,  books, kitchen utensils, basically everything. On the fashion side, I find that the pieces that fit me the best and have simple lines stay with me forever. I am enamored by all the fashion shows right now in Milan, but am more than ever inspired to remain true to my... Read More

Vintage Vest

  Every year, without fail, winters in New York are extremely unpredictable. I enter the month of December thinking this might actually be the season that we get away with a definitively mild stretch of weather until, BOOM. The wind chill goes below a mild 20 degrees and the great weather gods sprinkle lots of the white stuff all over the city streets. Last year, we experienced a 72-hour polar vortex  combined with a wind chill that debuted just in time for February fashion week. This year, the boom was a snow storm that no one saw coming. And immediately following the snowstorm, a 60-degree February day. This is how February fashion week begins once again. Give me long johns and a huge coat and I will be layered in warmth.... Read More
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