How To Layer Without Looking Like a Snowman

SilkNY coat Free People tunic sweater LL Bean turtleneck Pam and Gala track pants Barbara Bui biker boots, SHOP SIMILAR Falke performance leggings There are cold, wintry days, and then there are days when you’re hit with a bomb cyclone, or the foot of snow and Arctic chill that ravaged the Northeast this year thus far. And, it’s only January 10th. In moments like these, fashion tends to take a back seat. I couldn’t even feel my face. In fact, we need to layer up and embrace ourselves and each other for the ride. Your thin cashmere sweaters and slightly cropped jeans will not suffice. You will definitely need these winter boots. Or so you thought. In truth, there is an easy way to keep wearing... Read More

Warm Winter Boots

La Montelliana boots Happy Winter! Now that you are home sitting tight, waiting for this cold snap to break, I thought I would share a little day in the life what I do. It’s not so simple. It’s a lot of work. Editing, writing, styling. Yes, its a sacrifice. And I do enjoy sharing my favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands with you. So here goes. Along with wearing heels to places like the airport and standing on restaurant chairs to snap pics of my food, one of the “job hazards” of being a fashion blogger is that you’ll often have to pose for photos outside in frigid temperatures. see today’s pics. Cue those cute warm winter boots. Whether in New York, London, or even... Read More

Things To Start Doing in 2018

  The fatal flaw with New Year’s resolutions and most goal-setting, is that we typically bite off more than we can chew. Setting realistic goals seems silly. We should reach for the stars! Get that corner office. Move across the country. Whatever those goals are, we end up disappointed. And that becomes a forgotten resolution by the time February rolls around. I thought about my New year’s list and goals long and hard. I made a few resolutions last year, which were very attainable. In fact, I used to make long lists of goals that I wanted to achieve as well. But I never completed them because they are were too lofty. So I decided four years ago, to take baby steps. ahead are some things to... Read More

Grey days of Winter

ATM sweater ThePerfext grey skirt Jerome Dreyfuss suede bag Dolce and Gabbana blazer Tamara Mellon high high boots     Old man winter will be arriving this week on Thursday, December 21st, the shortest day of the year. First of all, I love winter and more specifically winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing. My natural tendency is to be outdoors. And much as I love the snow, I adore winter coats, and all the fun activities, I don’t like the cold weather. This a huge problem for me. As native New Yorkers know, we don’t get snow that much, just the freezing temps. Another vacation to book, to head out west to get more of the fluffy stuff. Also, its one of my favorite things... Read More

Vacation Edit

MZ Wallace totes Supergoop sunscreen Zimmerman skirt Hat Attack hat Cape Robbin slides     Vacation to a wam clime couldn’t happen sooner. My guess is its the balmy 19 degrees when I got out of bed this AM. And the holidays. They are amazing, and although Hannukah just started last night, I am already exhausted from it all. As a family, we routinely take a ski holiday out west but the overall vote this season is to be heading where it’s warm. It seems like all of us want to go somewhere to relax, unwind, read a book, and just chill. Then, I started coming up with a vacation edit I could live by. I am on board this year to do less, not... Read More

Gridlock Alert

Henri Bendel micro tote bag on sale!     New York City of late has been so congested traffic-wise that it really makes me and the rest of us go batty! Because of the constant new construction sites going up, it is difficult to get around. The streets are are a mess, walkways are interrupted, and the honking doesn’t help. As a result, walking anywhere is a hassle. Maybe take a ride in a taxi?! Fah get about it! It’s a sheer nightmare. It’s gridlock alert days folks. Welcome to the holidays in New York. Factor in the tourists, and all I want to do is stay home. Another reason I want to stay indoors, is the freezing cold weather that hit the Northeast. If... Read More

Relaxation Gifts At Holiday Time

Shop Relaxation Gifts at Holiday Time      First of all, this crazy hectic time of year drives me crazy. There are so many plans and commitments, in addition to work, and the holidays. It seems like everyone is overworked, over-stressed, and constantly overwhelmed. And it’s true. While you may know how to handle stress, perhaps it’s a parent who’s still working their stressful corporate job, or a close friend whose whole life seems to revolve around her graduate degree. Or that person who just deserves a break but doesn’t get one. When it comes to these special stressed people in our lives, the perfect gift to give during the holiday season is the gift of relaxation. Even people who aren’t totally overworked and stressed... Read More

Stephanie’s Ultimate Wish List

Frankie Shop wine cropped sweater, shop here and here  Hermes belt Henri Bendel micro tote bag Madewell jeans     It’s officially December! And 5 days in. And here we are deep into The #holidayseason. Holiday lists have always struck me as strange. It’s akin to providing someone with a list of “things” you would like to receive to show your love for them. Would it be better to not receive anything at all? Or provide them with your own list to avoid any type of anxiety? Not avoiding issues here, but these are some tips that I don’t always stand by, but they seem to work. Check out Ebay! They have a new gifting section, FYI. Start early. Because waiting to be showered with gifts... Read More
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