Black Before Labor Day

Love Shack Fancy dress Viajiyu flats, Shop similar For many of us New Yorkers, our closets can become a black pit of wonderfulness. In the summer, I switch off from wearing white to black depending on my mood and of course, where I am heading. When it is sweltering outside, I will, god forbid, wear color all of a sudden. On an ongoing rotating basis, I will stick to black before labor day. Style tips on wearing black The first step is to acknowledge that the cards are stacked against you. Black and black fibers retain heat, therefore you will be hot. The good news is, air conditioning.  The second step is to go outside your comfort zone. Black is no-nonsense, all-purpose New York uniform. But... Read More

Khaki Over Black

Being sick for a few days really sucks. First of all, it was a beautiful summer weekend. And more than anything I hate it’s being stuck in bed. Will not bore you with the details, as I am sure you can all relate. But as a constant do-er, it was, and still is hard for me to sit still. A change from regular programming, I had a few takeaways from the experience. I decided to take a more positive approach about the situation. One of the perks to being at home, was that I cleaned out my closets. I still was hanging onto some items that I no longer love, and was also missing some key pieces. For those feeling like their daily getup is getting... Read More

Summer Dresses

Spring and summer are my favorite times of year. And although Spring is technically here, the weather has not been cooperating. This week has been pouring, I am coughing, and its doesn’t feel like June. Nonetheless, let’s look into the future. There will be warm days, and rays of sunshine. Furthermore, once it does get warm you will find me at the nearest beach. My closet is upside down, but there are t-shirts, open-toe sandals, and a slew of summer dresses at the ready. If there is one thing you absolutely need for your closet now, it is a summer dress. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite summer dresses right now. You can shop them all below. SHOP SUMMER DRESSES  Dresses... Read More

Summer Must Have Ruffle Top

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was amazing on Saturday, yesterday it rained. Due to heavy rain, this spring has been on and off in the weather department. Furthermore, we are kerfuffled as to what to wear. Ruffle tops are one of my top go-to pieces for summer 17. It is an easy, and girly way to add some fun to your look. Ruffles are a bold statement but you would be hard pressed to go to any shop where they aren’t omnipresent this season. I love the trend for summer, and seriously own so many because it’s a one hit wonder. While I appreciate all the designers, this top I found at Storets ( similar here ) is under $100!  Why not channel... Read More

How To Charleston Like a Local

Wow did I love Charleston. It’s right up there with New Orleans on my one of my favorite city lists. It is clear that I love a colorful city with a penchant for good cocktails, awesome food, and southern hospitality See more.…Until I can convince my husband and kids to abandon all of our responsibilities, rip up all of northern ties, and move south, I’m going to have to live vicariously through my photos, friends that live there, and my strong desire for frequent travel. Major wanderlust is to blame. When it comes to traveling to new cities, it’s always fun to explore like a local. How to Charleston like a local? Read on to find out. How to Charleston like a local Exploring new cities is... Read More

Charleston Memorial Day Weekend

Where is everyone going for Memorial Day weekend? While I usually head to my parents beach house in the Hamptons to commemorate summer’s beginning, this year will different. I will be headed to the very popular, charming city of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is ranked one of America’s favorite small cities and after doing some research, there more than a few reasons why. There are great restaurants and bars, shopping streets, and strolls to be had. I am looking forward to a much slower change of pace. So, if you happen to find yourself heading “down south” this weekend, you too are most likely racking your brain for just the right outfit to announce the arrival of summertime. This is my personal packing list and will have you covered... Read More

Statement Sleeves

Zara top, SHOP SIMILAR Katty Xiomera pants Phillip V sunglasses Christian Louboutin sandals As we head into the long weekend, there’s no better time to update your warm-weather wardrobe with trend-forward pieces. Despite the broad range of prints, patterns, palettes, textures, and silhouettes that are available, designers and consumers alike can all agree on one major trend: the statement sleeve. This universal fascination with the statement top trickled down from the cold-shoulder and bohemian trends seen this year, and as much as I defy the hottest trends, these tops are a perfect addition to your wardrobe and these pants are super flattering. I am currently weeding through my closet for pieces to wear this spring and summer. As seasons pass, to think that your style won’t change... Read More

Denim Addicted

There is a truth about being addicted to denim. Much like diamonds, denim is forever. Denim is a beloved textile. It’s been around forever, super comfortable, easy to wash, and looks good on everyone. Part of its enduring legacy is due to designers reimagining it every season. A basic pair of jeans will never get old but seeing it in the form of chic culottes, patchwork, or a denim mini skirt makes me fall in love with it over and over again. Whenever I get dressed and am at a loss of what to wear, I pull out my favorite top and pair it with denim. We all own a pair of jeans, so this is an easy how-to in the style department. Trends change, but jeans are... Read More
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