Wide Leg, Part Deux

What’s skin-tight and gives you a laundry list of side effects that read like this: lower back-pain, cut-off leg circulation, nerve compression and gives you cameltoe? Yes, this is a quiz, not a pharmaceutical commercial. Give up? Nothing, in the lower region of your body, this coming season.

I really thought you would want to see my feedback on just the relaxed pair of pants that I was hinting at last week. Heck, maybe you wanted to see me suffer in said skinny pants considering my food indulgent summer, but, sorry, the waistband most likely won’t close. Goodbye too-tight trousers, hello, saggy butt, ill-fitting drop-crotch hot pants. You are so easy to rationalize. As far as my choice of said pant, I was not as experimental as I could have been in the potential of fabric width out there. Understandably, I am just  starting to warp my head around these wardrobe purchases. Realistically, I didn’t think I was able to pull them off. For the vertically challenged out there, you can sympathize. I’m not a 6 foot model after all. My goal? To find pants that are understated sexy, saggier in the crotch, and a wider leg than I am used to wearing. To wit, I chose a wide-leg pair by Monrow that stayed manageable thanks to the cropped length. Paired with a lime green farm-fresh cropped laser-cut top, and a pair of Rag and Bone booties, Voilà! I achieved my goal. For now.

Yigal Azrouël lime green laser-cut cropped top, Monrow drop-crotch pants, Rag and Bone Newbury boots, Balenciaga bag. Shop credit: Tru Grace Fashion Lounge. Photo: Michael Crook                          

I soon learned how comfortable these pants actually are, and there is no going back. If for not only the comfort factor, then for the coolness of it all. In my mind’s eye, they did something for my entire look and I can’t quite pin it down. What is it, I thought? Have we entered another dimension in pants? Here’s the thing–it’s ultimately up to you to try it on for yourself. What do you think? What are your thoughts? Let me know what you think!
Up next? An even wider, slouchier, funkier pair. I’m in.

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