Love Letters

The emblematic monograms that have been spotted on sweaters, shirts, necks, ears, and other body parts are Fall’s playful nod to collegiate culture. When the initial in question, is splattered all over oneself, it invites the viewer to get to know you on a first-name basis. At first, when I first spotted these oversized Kenzo K’s, And Marni M’s, I thought why would anybody want to wear that? For sure they are begging to be worn by owners of the same initial. I am not a monogrammed kind of girl, but wearing an unintentional letter is pretty rad. The other day I bought a gold letter H necklace, suggesting that my name might be Helen, Honey, Hallie, or Hannah. FTR, my name is Stephanie, I am the Fashion Hunter, so I got the initial H for Hunter. It doesn’t make any sense, really, but it does make for a good conversation starter. Cheers to Jil! Go Marni! Kenzo! Kenzo!! Follow the Hunter! Moral of the story? Go BIG or go home. If ironically referencing a Jil Sander majuscule isn’t your style, there are alternatives. Peruse some of my options in the collage below. You never know when you have to cheer from the sidelines. Can’t decide on a letter? Pick from Stella McCartney’s schizoid print top ( bottom left) with over a dozen letter combinations or the multi-letter LOVE bracelet.

Love Letters
Aubin & Wills cotton-terry sweatshirt, KENZO wool-blend sweater, Stella McCartney Monogram LOVE bracelet, Blue Nile H pendant, TopShop S initial ring, Stella McCartney Monogram-embroidered top, Marni M Embroidered sweater.
These monograms, meant not only for sports teams, are bound to make an initial statement whether back at school or on fashion’s playing field. BTW, do I look like a Hallie? You decide.
Happy F for Friday!

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