Trench Dressing

With the looming threat of rain constantly over our shoulders, (wasn’t it supposed to rain this week?), I am always confounded as to how to dress appropriately, albeit chic, under the angst-filled umbrella. Inclement weather really isn’t a particularly easy feat to tackle–humidity bastardizes our hair, our bodies and clothing own... Read More

The Buzz from Paris

Yes, it’s over. You can rest your eyes for now. At the bleary end of a runway season, I am exhausted just looking at the shows from Paris. I would love to watch the clothes sway down the catwalk, but from an outsider’s viewpoint, judging from the photos on Vogue.com,... Read More

Love Letters

The emblematic monograms that have been spotted on sweaters, shirts, necks, ears, and other body parts are Fall’s playful nod to collegiate culture. When the initial in question, is splattered all over oneself, it invites the viewer to get to know you on a first-name basis. At first, when I... Read More