Trench Dressing

With the looming threat of rain constantly over our shoulders, (wasn’t it supposed to rain this week?), I am always confounded as to how to dress appropriately, albeit chic, under the angst-filled umbrella. Inclement weather really isn’t a particularly easy feat to tackle–humidity bastardizes our hair, our bodies and clothing own that dewy sensation that harbors this terrible sense of, get me in a plane to California where the sun is shining, and umbrella etiquette just doesn’t exist on the streets of New York. Nor anywhere. It just sucks.

So how about that throwing on that familiar trench coat? It’s a classic no-brainer. It will cover up what may be wet, miserable clothes and nobody will know except you.

When I started this post, I searched for rainy day style cues on the web as I look towards Alexa Chung and her rainy-day style so alluring. She always wears trench coats, whilst looking impeccable. But no matter how much you spend, umbrellas just aren’t cool.

Chloe - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Arrivals

And here is the super-glam Miroslava Duma, former Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor and current freelance writer who has the wardrobe of a queen with an emerald-green, sequin pencil skirt, and pumps to match. And a simple trench thrown over her shoulder.


photos: we the people style

The similarities in the above pics, is the bare legs, and the right shoes, proving that the rain is really just an illusion. Let’s say you have a meeting to attend, and you want to look show-stopping good.  Take these cues. Throw on a vintage-inspired ivory lace dress, a pair of Valentino rock studs, and you’re golden. I did, and here’s what happened.

For your sake, I did not attempt to fix my humidity-laden hair to in any way shape or form.


cut 25 trench coat, get a similar one from coach or this by thakoon // strenesse dress, get a similar one here and  here // kenzo eye pouch // sugar red lip treatment // valentino rockstud sling backs



Rain will not ruin your shoes, they will just be wet. I would not recommend jumping into puddles, but water never hurt anyone. I plan on treating a rainy day like any other day and not letting a few drops hurt me or the blahs of the clouds get me down.


photos: Jim D’Angelo 

And then of course there’s my favorite reason for loving trench coats, Inspector Gadget. Because nobody does it better.

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