Big Pants

“Are you wearing that?”, my counterpart asked as we were stepping out for the evening. “Why? Don’t you like it?” Crickets. No, it wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction, it was my pants. #Supes Hein. The drop crotch that was drooping from my butt was, to the untrained eye, very unattractive. After all, I have been pretty content with having spent the past two years living in slim trousers – a’ la Audrey Hepburn – and have adopted that chic simplistic dress code. So, this was a real departure. Moral of the story? When it comes to pants, volume of any kind can have disastrous results. “I just like to wear the pants” I retorted. Cue my silent dinner. After a few days of soaking my brain with a few of my favorite fashion bibles, namely the 300 pound goliath glossies that are the September issues,(e.g. Elle, Vogue, well, you know), I have concluded a few things. Everything from coats, sweaters, hats, and trousers, are supersize and slouchy verifying my behavior and perhaps more importantly casting doubt on my companion’s fashion IQ. The key to making the oversized pants thing work? For me, it is to abandon all fears, be confident, and wear the pants. Don’t have them wear you. Nobody wants to add bulk to the areas that we want to hide. It’s just not normal to want to showcase these areas. But since when is fashion normal? Durrrrr. You must tread the waters very carefully and be a bit experimental. Today on the Fashion Hunter I give you two photos on the hot pants coming into a store near you.

Band of Outsiders FW 2012

Christopher Kane FW 2012.  Photos via: Vogue

Considering the vagaries of fashion’s behavior, its obvious that fashion stops for no one person or trend. One day it is all about the oversized clutch (see 31 minute bag), this season the minaudière, and now we eagerly anticipate what will march down the runways for Spring 2013. Are you sold on the pant yet? For the record, I’m going to test drive a pair and document the both male and female responses this weekend. Do we have to wear tight clothes to be sexy? Check me on Monday for an update. Oh, FYI, I might have to take the pictures in Camera Plus and then touch it up before I post it on instagram. You know what I mean, right?

Happy Summer Weekend! xo


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