Warm Winter Boots

warm winter boots

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warm winter boots

Happy Winter! Now that you are home sitting tight, waiting for this cold snap to break, I thought I would share a little day in the life what I do. It’s not so simple. It’s a lot of work. Editing, writing, styling. Yes, its a sacrifice. And I do enjoy sharing my favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands with you. So here goes. Along with wearing heels to places like the airport and standing on restaurant chairs to snap pics of my food, one of the “job hazards” of being a fashion blogger is that you’ll often have to pose for photos outside in frigid temperatures. see today’s pics. Cue those cute warm winter boots. Whether in New York, London, or even the Netherlands, I would never let a little “wintry mix” dampen my style. Crazy as that seems, it’s all in the name of capturing the look du jour that really matters. I photo or a feeling that speaks to you. That is the ultimate objective.

Eventually this blog will turn into other things..stay tuned for more! Until then I am still going to focus on style and sharing my favorite looks with you.

My favorite warm winter boots



It is very important to keep toes and fingers warm during this weather. Extremities! They get so cold so easily due to lack of circulation. Cashmere socks do help but combining shearling-lined boots are the best way to conquer said problem. And of course, gloves, a hat, and so on.

Stay cozy!

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