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How To Layer Without Looking Like a Snowman

winter layers

winter layers

winter white coat

winter layers

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There are cold, wintry days, and then there are days when you’re hit with a bomb cyclone, or the foot of snow and Arctic chill that ravaged the Northeast this year thus far. And, it’s only January 10th. In moments like these, fashion tends to take a back seat. I couldn’t even feel my face. In fact, we need to layer up and embrace ourselves and each other for the ride. Your thin cashmere sweaters and slightly cropped jeans will not suffice. You will definitely need these winter boots. Or so you thought. In truth, there is an easy way to keep wearing your favorite pieces come snow, sleet, or even bomb cyclones. Instead of layering endlessly outward with puffer jackets and enormous knitwear, turn attention to your base layers. Simply swap your dainty intimates for thicker-grade items, and add a layer of wool, cashmere between you and your favorite tee. When the thermometer might as well just read Painful, it’s tempting to throw fashion to the wind and pile on everything in your closet until your silhouette resembles a snowman’s. But there’s an easy art to mastering a flattering layered look and staying warm. Here is a how to layer without looking like a snowman.

Pile and layer without looking like a snowman

This styling trick isn’t that hard although from the looks of it, it looks seamless. Underneath my sweater and pants, I have on a matching set of silk underwear, long socks, and a turtleneck.

Sticking tights under pants is crucial 


Double the knits 

winter white coat SilkNY

When in doubt, layer up. As the temperature dives into single digits, wearing two sweaters can be the only way to survive.


I love wearing winter white to match the snowfall and the pure white in the air and on the streets after that first snowfall of the year. This pic was taken a day or so post storm, hence the dirty streets and slush!

winter white coat

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