Stripped Down

Thinking about what to wear in this fickle October? I am starting to believe that transitional weather is just the time where we wonder–denim jacket? Sweater? Socks, Tee-shirt? BTW, they are all great options when weather patterns go from 80 degrees down 50 in just 24 hours. The script on what to put away are just nonsensical rules that somebody decided to think up, put on a mood board, and call it Fall. Just the thought today of getting dressed got me thinking of paring things down to simple tees, eye-popping stripes, skirts and bras. Marc Jacobs’ Spring collection was just that. Visually eye-popping, energetic, witty — it was an expression of the geometric vibe pulsating through fashion. The message? Sharp and graphic. Even the line sheets went down like this: “t-shirt, short, suit.”  It was quite the commentary and I can get down with all of it.

Jacobs portrayal, reminiscent of Edie Sedgwick, passed from preppy-proper to pilled-out style icon in her patent leather, leopard spots, and smudgy mascara. And stripes. So many stripes, parallel lines, black and white, and sequined, like Lou Reed lyrics coming to life. The show was a real departure from last season’s extravagant Dr. Suess-meets-pilgrim collection. And stripped down so much so that some of the models strutted down the runway –sans bottoms.


Sure if you have those legs…Moving on, the collection was powerfully evocative of the past, yet didn’t seem retro or nostalgic. More to the point, the clothes look right now. This is due to the genius that is Marc Jacobs. His look is always powerful and unique, creating a clear image for the brand, and deliberately out of synch with the prevailing trends. It had many designers on their toes wondering why they didn’t think of just that?

I decided last spring that it is worth investing in something as sharp as a bold black and white striped blazer. This one is by Derek Lam. I’m going to pull it out all season long and even wear it with a turtleneck and boots. Whether or not I go bottomless come Spring? Well, we will just have to wait and see. The End.

Equipment top, Z Spoke Zac Posen bag (now on sale!), Dolce and Gabbana shoes.

Image by Michael Crook


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