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Stephanie’s Ultimate Wish List

Stephanie's ultimate wish list

Frankie Shop wine cropped sweater, shop here and here 

Hermes belt

Henri Bendel micro tote bag

Madewell jeans



It’s officially December! And 5 days in. And here we are deep into The #holidayseasonHoliday lists have always struck me as strange. It’s akin to providing someone with a list of “things” you would like to receive to show your love for them. Would it be better to not receive anything at all? Or provide them with your own list to avoid any type of anxiety? Not avoiding issues here, but these are some tips that I don’t always stand by, but they seem to work. Check out Ebay! They have a new gifting section, FYI. Start early. Because waiting to be showered with gifts is not a thing. {Ahem} Therefore, give them what they really want for the holidays. And, as much as you want to be known for giving the chicest gifts around, price shouldn’t be the biggest factor. Rather buy covetable jewels, delightful arm candy, and accessories that don’t break the bank. Or thoughtful gifts like meditation tapes. Although my list isn’t official, I have compiled Stephanie’s ultimate wish list which is based on things that 1. I really want that I will not buy myself, or 2. little treasures that will last.

Apart from hugs and kisses, gift-giving is one of our most tangible ways to show our love, like gratitude. Not everyone is great with words. Think about dogs who bring their owners beloved chew toys or cats who drag hunting trophies into the house. If you’re feeling relieved that the act matters more than the gift itself, I have bad news. Dimitri Mortelmans, a sociology professor at Antwerp University in Belgium, says that the value of a gift in some way reflects how much you value the relationship. And when both gift-givers match that value, it’s a nod that they agree on the terms of their relationship.

So, what to do? Put your heart into gift giving this season. It will yield amazing results. Or when that gesture required every iota of your courage or thought, a memory is lodged deep in the brain and the recipient remembers it even years later, it feels like great. My wish for you is that my list or that gentle touch helps you get through the next few weeks! Sick of peppermint already? Me too but this is good stuff.

Stephanie’s Ultimate Wish List 

So I think that all this deserves a little self-gifting while you’re at it. One for them, two for you! Although my list isn’t your list, I only hope to inspire you to shop Stephanie’s ultimate wish list. 




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