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10 Investment Worthy Bags On Sale

10 Investment worth bags on sale

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The best time to invest in a great handbag is right now. There are lots of sales going on, from designer to mass market, and if you are rough on your bags like I am, it is the perfect time to upgrade. I know shopping can get boring, but let’s face it.  As much as we want things to stay the same, with time, your carry alls don’t look as good as they used to look. While I love clothing, I am especially fond of accessories because they make your outfit pop. As a result, I invest in bags that probably will go with just about anything. Leather bags have the most staying power, while suede and faux fur not so much. Here are my top 10 investment worthy bags on sale now.

10 investment worthy bags on sale

When it comes to investing in luxury handbags, it is best to educate yourself as much as possible before you purchase. Therefore, the best advice? Buy into brands that won’t go out of style. Do you immediately go for the trendy bags? Same. I am educating myself on the daily on which bags retain their value, and which ones do not. While the very high end, the Birken, will increase its value 10-fold, there are other brands to know. If you cannot afford designer duds, choose the classics.

A Chanel

While the Birkin recently got gotten major buzz for beating the S&P, a Chanel bag will almost hit that note. I bought my medium flap in caviar leather for $1600. This same exact bag now retails for $4900. That is a 206% return (not adjusted for inflation). See what I mean?


Besides the two bags previously mentioned, here are the 10 top investment worthy bags on sale now!


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