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Vogue January 2013

What is it about women and shoes? A psychological obsession, women abide by Fashion Rule #1, “You can never have enough shoes.” Carrie Bradshaw would certainly be proud. The minute a shoe becomes “hot,” on websites, on a runway, celebs, and/or on a fashion blog, massive crowds emerge from behind Instagram filters wanting to purchase said shoe. Fashion has become so commonplace and instantaneous nowadays that the editorial spread is no longer ripped out of a magazine and brought to the local store. You convince yourself that you need it now, and with the click of your mouse and immediate fervor, it appears on your doorstep. Therefore, the cyclical nature of fashion has become less pronounced, which leads me to stick to what I love, and forgo the trends.

That said, in shoe news, today on the Fashion Hunter, we will take a look at the single-sole. After many seasons of  wearing le Platform shoes and boots, it seems like we are moving away from the heavy, and climbing down from the Amazonian plateau. Not willing to give them up quite yet, I understand the allure of the skinny calf, the elongated leg, the sex appeal, of the skinny heel. Take a look at Arizona Muse in those Giuseppe Zanotti heels. I can’t imagine her looking as “hot” in platforms.

Vertically challenged and physically active, I find the platforms to be so reliable and easy to wear. I don’t limp from foot pain or resort to changing into ballet flats. Lynn Yaeger in this month’s Vogue declares that the platform is on the way out and the news of the thin-soled shoe will be met with “measured enthusiasm.”

“No! I declare, I enjoy clomping around comfortably on the streets.”  It’s the ability to stride gracefully that I have yet to master. And its a matter of habit.

What say you?

Will you learn to walk the walk?

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  1. mariella Verrona

    I think she’s sitting down b/c she can’t walk in stilts! Platforms will always be in for the “little” people.

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