Ten Glittery Things

Holiday gifting is mind-numbing. Gift-guides are a way to lure you into buying what their editor’s procure as top-notch. I once received a snazzy shovel from a friend (really, a SHOVEL?) that didn’t speak to me at all. I wondered, does this person really know me (See: gift giving), or is that what she wanted to get so, instead, gave it to me. The psychology of it all is hard to figure out, especially when I say “you don’t have to get me anything, silly, it’s your love that matters!” Here, I blame myself for being the recipient of said shovel. But, as well-known folklore will proclaim, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Maybe the gift-giver thought I should start gardening? Shoveling snow? Paving a new path? Does she dig me? I would’ve “dug” a gold charm.


14-Kt Gold sand pail and shovel charm

Nonetheless, there’s no easy way to buy anybody something without asking them “what do you want for the holidays?” What you want is never what you will get, so why not throw yourself under the bus and ask? Tell them what you really want.

In searching for the perfect gift to bestow on my loved ones, the below glittery and golden gift guide has me wishing on all things merry and bright. I am crushing on Moda Operandi’s gift guide this season because their site brings uniqueness and creativity to the marketplace. From J. Mendel and Camilla Dietz to Wyler and Kelly Wearstler, these uniquely curated gifts and designers are not available anywhere else. Whether you are jet-setting to St. Bart’s, or celebrating at home by the fire, without sounding cliché, these gifts from yours truly and the folks at Moda will twinkle your heart.

Attention all boyfriends, girlfriends, family, friends,*ahem, ahem…* check my go-to guide for that special woman in your life. But hurry, the trunkshow ends December 17th!


1. Vintage 1950’s clip earrings are the shizz during the holidays. When you come home from that late-night holiday party, all you have to do is “unclip” and your golden.  Carole Tanenbaum Cabochon Bug Earrings, $330.

2. Judith Leiber Gift-Wrap Minaudiére  for the perfect glitz factor and at $4,695, it’s the show-stopper to stop all shows.

3. Not sure what to get your significant other? How about these Stella McCartney Anna glowing silk-satin briefs. You know the best way to a man’s heart is via his stomach, but the fastest way to the bedroom, would be these panties. And on sale, for $47, you have nothing to lose.

4. To receive lots of gold rings and things is always a win-win, but where to store it all? How about Kelly Wearstler’s gold hand? Perfect for holding that Kelly Wearstler gold screw cuff. At $225 and $145 respectively.

5. Nerd alert! For the like-minded techie, there’s no reason that this Anndra Neen metal caged iPad case for $1,150., shouldn’t be taken to the streets. The coolest fashion statement. Say no more.

6. In celebration of Stephanie LaCava’s new book, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects, this necklace designed by Marc Jacobs has the charm without the glitz. The duo collaborated on a collection where 100% of the proceeds go to the Child Mind Institute. For $24, no question. Go get it. Marc Jacobs jewelry.

7. NARS Gold polish, the perfect stocking stuffer, $18.

8. Hillier Ceramic Doodle Heart Stud Earrings  for love, $430.

9. And last but not least, Prince Albert New/ York Del Toro slippers because if you are a New Yorker, this city shines regardless of the season. Hashtag Reasons Why I Love New York. See New York Magazine’s latest kiss to the big city. Number one reason, The Barclays Center. My top reason?

Because where else can you show up to a meeting at 9am in a fur throw and be as ironic as you please? Nowhere. The End.



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