Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

It’s no surprise that the creator and star of “Girls”, Lena Dunham, won two awards at the Golden Globes for both TV series and for her acting. Female wunderkinds of every age seemed to dominate the night, go GIRL power, including Jodie Foster and hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Gracious in victory, Dunham deserved every accolade she received, and then some. Her drop dead Zac Posen gown and Lady Peep Louboutin sandals exuded confidence and beauty that only a red carpet moment could capture. However the combination of nerves, champagne, and the unwieldy skirt combined with those 6-inch Louboutins, she hobbled across the stage looking like she could fall at any moment. Twitter was aflutter with how unstable she was. I feel your pain Lena, as did the rest of the twenty million people tuned into NBC, and frankly, I can’t walk in heels either. Here’s those dastardly shoes in question.


Christian Louboutin Lady Peep, $945.00

If I were her stylist, I might have rethought this choice, (nobody can really see your shoes anyway when your dress is this long), or at least I would have given her the opportunity to try them on and walk a bit beforehand. Combat boots or sneakers would have been a more fly option and more of the “Girls-type” cool-factor that would fit the ingénue to a tee. So, I scrambled together four options from my closet that I would have rather seen on the red carpet, albeit more appropriate footwear, for dear Hannah. Not that I don’t love Louboutins.


Top left: Charlotte Olympia single-sole navy heel. A bit smaller in heel height would be a better option for sure. Tanya Spinelli white ankle-strap pumps, find a similar pair from Alexander Wang here. Bottom left, see gladiator sandals with chunky heels, coming real soon to a store near you. These Laurence Dacade sandals, (I feature the booties), are a hot ticket. Trust me. And finally,  Louboutins are what dreams are made of, and this pair of suede ankle platform wedge boots are super comfortable. I walked around New York City all-day long without a hitch. WIth that, I am available for hire.

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  1. Watching her try to walk was so painful! I love that you re-thought her shoe options here. Good point about not being able to see the shoes under such a long dress. It made sense, though that Lena was kind of unstable on her feet, even if unintentional — it matches the character she plays! 😉

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