I was never one to get on the running-sneaker-as-fashion bandwagon as I actually was Melanie Griffith’s character in Working Girl back in the late 80’s when I commuted back and forth to my office. As soon as I exited that door, those heels were swapped out for kicks, a quick change, as comfort was the name of the game. Today on the Fashion Hunter, I give love to my lower extremities and convert to the sneaker-as-fashion trend brought to you by The Olympics 2012. My feet, usually blistered, defeeted (ha ha), and covered in Band-Aids, will thank me come Fashion Month when they are resurrected into my newfound shoes. Thankfully, as you know, Isabel Marant truly revolutionized that sneaker-as-fashion trend, as the wedge sneakers are on everyone’s hit list. But these are rather a specific subgenre of competition made for running sprints. Here is a sneaky look (get it?) as to what’s on tap next.

It is the beginning of August and I will be reading my obligatory fashion rags and taking some time to nurture my brain as well as my fingers from the constant contact of the keyboard. But, there’s no rest for the Fashion Hunter. I will be gramming and walking, so check up on my Instagram posts. I won’t let too much manuer-powered grass grow under my feet. Hey, if dapper men wearing running sneakers are getting snapped up by Tommy Ton in Milan, isn’t  it the lady’s turn to run with this? How about styling these with a pair of black skinny pants for Fall! Send me your thoughts. Happy Saturday!

Yigal Azrouel top, Monroe pant, Newton running kicks, Balenciaga bag, Elle Magazine

All photos: Michael Crook. Clothing Tru Grace Fashion Lounge

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