The Big Drop

In case you missed it, on Friday of last week, I revamped and designed the windows at Big Drop East Hampton, one of my favorite go-to shops for the party girl in me. In preparation for Super Saturday, I put together 2 windows: the first, an if only it was a sunny day maxi dress look complete with hands-free accessories for all-access shopping. The second window, was a prep for the Fall season, complete with layering materials including leather, jackets, and fur. I enjoyed dressing mannequins, inserting tickets in their hands, and dressing them in the Fashion Hunter‘s top picks (which are basically “me” dressed on an elongated white stick), and of course, providing them with copious amounts of jewels, all in an East Hampton storefront. The theme du jour was a four “F” twister: Come get styled on Fabulous Friday with the Fashion Hunter for Fall. There was no after-party, no velvet rope, and everyone was invited.

On me: Acne shirt, Venna tribal necklace, J Brand denim shorts. On mannequin: Hat Attack fedora, Tolani pants, Eberjey bikini top, Free People denim jacket.  Photo courtesy of Big Drop NYC.

Actually, you are still invited to check out the windows, walk into the store and check out their coolest offerings for summer (on sale) and newness for Fall. Click below for my favorite looks, scenes from the party, and see what you missed. People came off the beach to an air-conditioned store filled with Vita Cocoa drinks and Pop Chips and a rack front and center curated from yours truly.

A special thanks to the entire Big Drop team for helping me make this all happen! Without a hitch. Happy Shopping!

blesse’d are the meek dress, Venna necklace, 525 Made in America Luxe Edition vest.

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