Tommy Ton

LFW: On The Streets

The truth lies within who you are wearing. Or does it? Mere days after New York Fashion Week has ended– the in-crowd already attending shows in London and Milan– there have been some quips in the industry about street style photography, who is qualified to get their picture taken, and why.... Read More

In the Mix

Givenchy Pansy Print Clutch. Get a similar one here. See this Christopher Kane leopard-print clutch. Photo by Tommy Ton Some of the wildest prints out in the fashion jungle come straight from mother nature. And from Paris. This photo caught my eye yesterday as I was perusing the other jungle, the wild... Read More


I was never one to get on the running-sneaker-as-fashion bandwagon as I actually was Melanie Griffith’s character in Working Girl back in the late 80’s when I commuted back and forth to my office. As soon as I exited that door, those heels were swapped out for kicks, a quick... Read More