Shoe Wars

On a recent trip to the shoe selection in my closet, I noticed an abundance of brogues, sneakers, and comfy heels– a trend that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. All the pointy-toe shoes and boots that I used to covet, have developed claustrophobia, waiting patiently in their storage boxes a la Woody in Top Story 2. I bet that soon, they will be plotting their escape to show up on my feet.

I can always admire a lady-like point from afar, but the cramped toes, exorbitant prices, and repair bills are only worth so much of its weight in gold. It was not until my recent trip down internet alley, that my thoughts, hashtag “these are everything” threw my head in a tailspin. I digress. Accessories in the southern region that can make an entire outfit. Cinderella’s glass slipper with rockstud star power. Lucite, plexiglass. Gold sandals to die for. Lizard pumps with a simple leather ankle strap. Who said anything about practicality? At least they are not sky-high. A deep interest in simple strappy pumps and sandals has me flummoxed. A more-detailed look at Valentino, Chloé, and Lanvin respectively down below will convert the very best of intentionistas.



I have recognized my love-hate relationship with most conquests in my closet, keeping the “has-beens” locked up for a few years to then “emerge like new” years later. The concept makes a lot of sense. I just whipped out vintage Patrick Cox and Sigerson Morrison relics from my shoe museum. Hey they still have staying power and are for sale right here on Yoox!

I can appreciate fashion’s recent affinity towards sportswear: the graphic t-shirts, track pants, the wide selection of flats, wedge sneakers. They didn’t escape my memory or my closet so fast. I might even go so far as to get (agast!) those Celine Birkenstocks to satisfy my continued craving for comfort.

Birkenstocks? What do you think?

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