Coveting Céline

Consider Phoebe Philo, the designer behind the  label whose flipping major following waits with bated breath to see what genius narrative she is going to come up with next. Her existing line, consisting of cool sportswear, metal cuffs, widely copied totes, and funky shoes proves that she has good instincts–a certain je ne sais quoi. On tap for next season? Look down at the fur-lined Birkenstocks and fold-over clutches. Whatever Phoebe does turns to gold, and people usually want in.

The mood, both of looseness and of ease, has permeated much of the Paris shows this season, and it has been quite exciting to watch the drama unfold from the interwebs. I was most interested in watching Céline, who sent out her own interpretation with slouchy flat-front trousers, loosely knotted tops, and jackets with unfinished hems. Summing up the mood, it was clean and fluid with a bit of funk. Or as I call it, the “Céline-knack.”  The dernier cri.

No housewife yawn, Phoebe’s shoes were key to her collection: a cavalcade of models pranced on the runway wearing mink-lined leather shower sandals and pumps in bright yellows, reds, and lavender mink. Perverse, odd, and most likely krazy expensive, Philo has carte blanche in the fashion world with her streamlined essentials with just the right appeal. Our collective attitudes towards normal versus abnormal is skewed by what should be and what shouldn’t be. Chances are, those mink Birkenstocks will be highly covetable. Take a look here:

I guess this Spring getting dressed will be an option. Or at least, putting on proper shoes. But hey, who wouldn’t want to walk around in furry slippers all day?

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