Spring 2013

Gucci Loafers

In high school I wanted those baby yellow suede Gucci loafers more than any other pair of shoes as far as I can remember. In fact, I had saved up petty cash in the name of babysitting for a number of months in order to get them into my closet... Read More

Shoe Wars

On a recent trip to the shoe selection in my closet, I noticed an abundance of brogues, sneakers, and comfy heels– a trend that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. All the pointy-toe shoes and boots that I used to covet, have developed claustrophobia, waiting patiently in their storage... Read More

Dries Von Noten: The Master of Grunge Couture

If you could imagine a fierce collection built solely on the masculine/feminine dynamic, Dries Von Noten has the master plan. Filled with contradictions like grunge-inspired plaids and tartans, integrated with sweet feminine lace and shantung, Dries Von Awesome, so he is named, is just that, and always presents the unexpected, the... Read More

Looking towards the future

Fashion is one endless cycle. Constantly regurgitating the trends and naming it THE DECADE OF ____ and then debunking it as a Multi-decade Mashup is kind of screwed up. Fashion is in a quandary. Never before have we been able to wear 60’s grunge, 70’s funk, and 80’s ostentation all... Read More