Oh Sandy!

In the words of Danny Zuko “Oh Sandy, oh why, why why?” Why are you slamming into NYC and destroying homes, disrupting transportation, and basically screwing up everything across the Northeastern Seaboard right about now?

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to those who live in Zone A and are evacuated, ordering takeout from the Breslin restaurant whilst stuck at the Crosby Street Hotel (well maybe not those people). I pray for all the cab drivers who have driven me from the West Side Highway to Westchester county. I pray for all my aestheticians who are waiting patiently for me to come in and get my facial. I pray for all the 5AM baristas who make such beautiful designs emblazoned in froth on top of my cappuccino cup. I worry about them all because, you know, today is the day they are going to get washed up by a bitch innocously named Sandy who is threatening make a major dent in our lives.

How do you feel about Sandy? Let me guess….

I am hating on Sandy, but instead of complaining, I am going to take Sandy by storm, batten down the hatches, make the best of the situation, and do the following things.

1. Watch a Halloween movie marathon. The Scream, Suspiria, The Omen, Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Saw, Silence of the Lambs. Perfect excuse to catch up on those flicks with a bucket of popcorn.

2. Give myself a spooky manicure.

3. Eat all the candy corn in advance of Halloween.

4. Have a hurricane party. A hurricane ain’t just a drink from New Orleans anymore.

5. Drink wine. Drink more wine.

6. Online shop. Of course, the Fashion Hunter will be catching up on all the fashion news around the world as long as my power remains on. Click the top buys for Fall here.

I’m totally taking Hurricane Sandy seriously, but I can’t help but make Grease jokes and put them on my Hurricane playlist. “Sandy, can’t you see, I’m in misery”…la la la.

Be safe ! xo

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