Sandy’s Silver Lining

Much of my neighborhood is still without power and many of the upscale local boutiques are slowly opening in the hopes of luring customers in with signs that read ” We have power!” “Come in and recharge!” Yesterday, I peeked in to one of my go-to boutiques and there were Sandy signs for discounts and free snacks. What I learned from this is that when we are in crisis mode in the wake of a disaster, everybody comes together. Even the weary man with money in his pocket. This particular wanderer came in asking what was on sale for his wife. Scratching his head in contemplation, with price tags in the 4-number club, he wasn’t buying in.

“Two thousand dollars for a skirt?” “Reduced to $1,700?” I quickly scurried out realizing where that conversation was going.

Presuming business will pick up, the fashion industry needs help like ever other small business in order to survive and I’m convinced there really is such thing as retail therapy. That will do the world some good for both the consumer and the shop owner. Many shops are donating a portion of their proceeds to charity and today until my stock runs out, so is the Fashion Hunter.

I will be donating 100% of the proceeds of any sale I make to the American Red Cross so come shop here for a worthy cause and help those left tragically in need of food and shelter.

Let’s restore this process together by making your wardrobe feel good and your wallet too as I am selling things for as little as $10.00. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

See, don’t you feel better already? xo




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