Has It Expired?

Milk, as we all know, has an expiration date. It says so right on the box in bold black letters. So, should beauty products, words, and fashion be stamped with an expiration date as well, indicating that they have a limited shelf life? We know celebrities have an extremely short existence – just look at Ms. Lohan who bit the dust and is now washed up. Today, a look at some of these trends followed by a question that wonders, are you dead?

Beauty products. I recently read an article in the New York Times about expired beauty products and when to throw them out. I am on that bandwagon like nobody’s business, throwing out my mascara every six months listening to those industry professionals in fear that I will contract pink eye. Boom.

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Words. Do words like amazeballs and maje still permeate your vocabulary? OMG – that look is so everything. Maybe its time to head back to fashion school as that jargon has expired. From Oscar Meyer Wiener to Gangnam Style, you’ll want to commit to an entire set of new hip catchphrases. Compiled by Refinery 29, you won’t want to miss out on any of these terms. Now excuse me, I have to take a fashion shower. What?

Fashion. Just as you have swapped your babydoll dresses for peplum frocks, fashion does a quick switch over to graphic sweatshirts and ripped jeans. Fashion trends are known as fads and are notoriously fickle. And there is nothing that is more humiliating than wearing last year’s trend. I’m talking about repeat offenders that we’re relegating to the no-comeback zone for 2013 and beyond. Furry hats, bubble skirts, square toe shoes, one size fits all tops, and capelets simply fail the test of time. As you know, the fashion hunter is always on the hunt for what’s new, what’s hot, and will tell you when your look just falls short, both literally and figuratively. Just like the Biebs, I never say never, but there’s probably a 0.01% chance you’d ever catch me wearing a cape or square-toed shoes anytime soon.

Rag and Bone capelet

Here’s a quick tip: The more radical the cut, color or print, the more certain that the trend will be long over by the same time next year. The best defense against quickly changing trends is to have a wardrobe stocked with mostly classic looks: jeans, T-shirts, blazers, little black dresses. Remember, the French always get it right.

Friends. With a Celine kiss, friends are never out of style.

Which brings me to the question, do fashion bloggers have a limited shelf life? I don’t know the answer and time will tell  but I know from the wise words of fashion icon Diana Vreeland, that fashion is and will always be on its way to something else. Life, like fashion is an artifice, and having a distinct vision as to what looks good, no matter what the shelf life will never go out of style.

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Now tell me what you think. Happy Friday!

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