NYFW / Day Four

Fashion is all about trial and error. There are days that I pull looks out from closet, get dressed in 10 minutes, and head out the door looking exactly how I imagined. Other days, I glance in the mirror and wonder why I made the attempt of wearing platform brogueswhen they just don’t look good on me. It is then I realize, it’s ok to make mistakes because without them, one would never learn.

Fashion week comes and goes as quickly as a bird in flight trying to head down south for the winter. Unlike in the case of the  a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate, though, at Fashion Week, there are clothes. And there are friends. Not coincidentally, fashion and friends go well together as birds of a feather flock together, therefore fashion is a fun game I play with myself but is best played on a team.

In this game, some days are good, some days are bad and some are great. With the help of others, dressing up to attend Fashion week is just that and fundamentally should be fun with a capital F.

Last week I committed a fashion faux pas and wore a normcore version of myself, ( I threw on these Harem cargo pantsand 100% hated it. In between shows, I hightailed it over to Anthom, a new under-the-radar shop in Chelsea carrying super cool designers, and fell in love with this skirt. Magically, I put it on, and turned into Cinderella. Thanks to my new buddies, I was able to peacock as originally planned.

full skirt

I’m wearing: Drifter T-shirt // Ksenia Schnaider pencil line camo circle skirt, get it at ShopAnthom // Ajelandro Ingelmo sandals // SANG A bag, get a similar one here or here // Thierry Lasry sunglasses

flippy skirt

white circle skirt

circle camo skirt

circle camp skirt

Flash tattoos // Ettika bracelet

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

circle camo skirt

and that’s a wrap for today!

Don’t forget you can buy the look here: just click on the photos below.




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