Fall Has Arrived

Ah, Autumn. I can almost sense the season up on us. Fall is the only time worth taking in oxygen in Manhattan as the autumnal equinox washes away the sticky remnants of summer and brings the crisp air in for a well-needed sense of renewal. And as of tonight at 10:29 PM, like it or not, it will be official.

What do I love about Fall? I love watching the leaves change color, football season, longer nights, the smells of burning logs, and a cup of hot coffee. In the Fall season, I, like countless other women I know, make sweeping vows to ourselves with the promises of new beginnings. Like New Year’s Resolutions though, these promises are meant to be broken.

This year, as the temperatures begin to cool and we begin to hibernate in our homes, and Zara on every corner is fully stocked with cable sweaters, boots and scarves, I am inspired to create my own far-fetched resolutions which most-likely be broken by the end of October. Starting with my wardrobe because that is currently in the chaotic state of getting a well-needed overhaul.

Here are my top five resolutions right now.

1. I will update my closet, but I vow to not just walk into a shop and buy whatever I love without thinking about said item. Do I really need it? I know pastels are having a moment! Will I wear it more than 10 times?  I vow to remember what in currently in my closet, have a a list handy, and no repeating the same thing as last year.

2. I will invest in one pair of black boots, not two, or three. Same for black sweaters.

3. I do need exercise clothes because I wear them 4 times a week to keep my body in shape, and if I didn’t change them often, I would smell. Really bad.

4. I vow to get at least 10 minutes of unfiltered sunshine for a daily dose of Vitamin A, not in the form of a little yellow pill, but that huge yellow glowing ball we call the sun.

5. I will drink at least one cup of coffee per day because I like the way it tastes and its more than just black water. Among the many health benefits, coffee helps me feel less tired, it increases my energy level, burns fat, increases my libido (not sure if that is true), and may protect me down the road from Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a win-win.

Frankly, on those cold fall mornings I find it hard to get out of bed, just like this AM, raring to go. Even worse, I can’t even get to my kitchen without several layers cloaking my body. But getting back to those boots. Let’s hear it for Fall.

cup of coffee

Kisua sweater, get a similar one here, Paige denim jeans// Rag & Bone boots

Colorblock sweater

black and cobalt sweater

Purging the closet? Who doesn’t like starting fresh!

closet purge

closet purge

closet purge

What do you love about Fall? Tell me in the comments section. I want to know.

Get the look right here:

Photos: Jeff Thibodeau

Check out this link below to see how I start my mornings right.


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