New York Fashion Week Survival Guide Favorites

Fashion week is here and getting dressed at the beginning of September is a difficult task. It’s still hot. This just in, it will be in the 90’s this week! You’re apathetic, you’re tired, and just lackluster about the upcoming results. Suddenly, you are struggling to remember what it’s like to put on a pair of jeans. Or even if they will fit. I will guide you through this dilemma as I try it out for myself. I spend more time on picking out the just right looks for fashion week and leave the facial makeup quite bare. That is because getting dressed in the name of fashion is a harder skill to master. I stand in front of my closet until I am late, rush out the door in a dress I hate, or leave in something inappropriate for the occasion. I am sticking with nude on face and body this season. Why? It’s what I love, what I wear, and always my go-to choices. Nude is always better choice whenever you are in a rush. Here is my New York Fashion Week survival guide favorites, for the face, body and piece of mind, that might help you navigate the week(s) of sheer nuttiness. There are a select few things that are 100% necessary when it comes to my personal fashion week survival, and I highly suggest them for you too. Coming up next later this week, what to wear in the week of fashion. Follow along for some tips.

New York Fashion Week survival guide favorites

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Kevin Aucoin lip color in Nude cream

Anastasia brow gel

Downy spray

Ouai hair spray

Bare Minerals blush brush

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, and gloss

Urban Decay Naked blush

Blinc Mascara

Mac tinted cream

Verso eye cream

Living Proof dry shampoo

Eve Lom Dawn sheer radiance powder

YSL beauty nail polish #62

Jao lip Jao

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