Leather Lingo

I purchased these leather-ish culottes in a haste, not sure when or where I would wear them. Tired of my leather mini skirt, and not quite ready to dive into leather pants covering my loins, I wore them with a simple white t-shirt and flatform shoes. I loved the feeling of  wearing bare legs, open air and all. Enjoy this 60-plus degree day, because according to the weather report, come Thursday, we are due for a cold front that will, sweep in and burst the giant pink balloon of Spring out of our hands. So why not get out in your shorts and let your skin show just one more time?!

Just think, for the next eight months, you, I, and the collective we in the Northeast will be wearing the same navy sweater and black jeans every day.

navy turtleneck

navy turtleneck and leather culottes

navy turtleneck

navy vintage jacket

navy vintage jacket

leather culottes

vintage jacket with fur collar

Asos culottes // Whistles turtleneck // Vintage navy wool jacket, get a similar one here or here // McQ booties from last Fall, get a similar pair here


Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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