layer in style

Layer In Style

how to layer in style

layer in style

layer in style

layer in style

Fashion week has been fun, yet exhausting. I have been attending New York Fashion Week for many years, and every year I get a new perspective on fashion, scoping the trends, and coveting the new new. But dodging freezing rain, sleet and snow for the sake of fashion? I don’t take this lightly. I no longer sacrifice my health for fashion like I used to do. It isn’t worth it for my to get the Fashion Week flu because I was barelegged in the city streets.

Yes I take notes. Yes I enjoy the shows. It is very possible to pull out all the stops, and layer everything in my closet onto my body. It is possible to layer in style. I follow street style cues from my favorite websites, and just wear what works best for my body. A how to layer in style is always a work in progress especially when you are petite like me.

How to Layer in Style 

layer in style

Reformation oversized sweatshirt dress, SHOP SIMILAR

Sophie Hulme trench coat

Timo Weiland vest, SHOP SIMILARhere

Urban Outfitters mesh top

Topshop denim

YSL bag

Fendi strap, SHOP IT HERE 

Alexandre Birman python ankle metallic booties, SHOP SIMILAR

Layer in Style

Here is the rundown on how to layer in style. I start with the bottom layers and work my way out. If I want it to peek out, I make sure it is long enough on my neck or sleeves. Consider that your starting point on making a fashion statement. Then I paired an oversized sweatshirt dress over it, and ripped denim. Metallic boots add panache to your wardrobe. The blue leather trench is a vintage style that I purchased a while back, but I still love it. The same goes with the vest. And the bright colors work well together. I added a pop of denim to my look with this strap.

Photos: Rima Brindamour

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