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Kind of Blue

some kind of blue

some kind of blue

some kind of blue

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kind of blue

This past weekend was the first time I saw the sun shining in a long time. Sunday was a glorious crisp Spring day, therefore I took advantage of the day’s progression at a slightly slower pace. I visited the Whitney Biennial, and heading over to my old stomping ground in Tribeca. I love city life but only when it’s perfect. It can be crowded and noisy when you are trying to get somewhere but on a Sunday, people crack a smile and life is much more pleasant. I have been feeling a kind of blue since the weather hasn’t cooperated since that day, hence adopting the look  in my wardrobe. 

How to pull it together mid-week

It’s been so interesting to me to see my style evolve over the last year. I have started purchasing items that are staples like this simple 2-piece suit, and these perfect slingback espadrilles from Matt Bernson. It is a long process when it comes to what will enter into my closet. Currently on the hunt for items that excite me, or that I can wear a variety of ways. I actively search for pieces that will take me thru a few seasons and come with me on my travels. If I do go for something bold, like this jacket, I tone it down with something understated. I never want to look like I’m trying to hard. I want my attire to look and feel effortless.

That said, the middle of the week can be unexciting and frankly a bit boring, leaving you feeling less like smiling and more like grunting. But just because you wont be getting brunch today with friends, doesn’t mean you have to feel blue. I am going to feel happy and upbeat when it’s the middle of the week knowing that it is the simple things that matter.

feeling blue

feeling blue

Photos: Brian J Green

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