Kicking the Habit

I might as well face it, I’m addicted to my iPhone. Although I try to let go, the constant stream of information is my digital security blanket. It lights up in the palm of my hand, gives me notifications and likes!, and takes on a life as its own. Why can’t I, you, we, collective us, let go and just say no?

To be transparent, I’m trying hard to wean myself off this habit, and unplug. Anytime I find myself in a quiet moment, I find it almost impossible not to check my screen. Lately though, I have been putting it face down on a table when I am sitting with somebody, in an effort to resemble an engaged human being.

I don’t need to ask whether it rings true for anybody else. Just look at yourself and around you. We are all in a collective daze as we pass each other by.

iPhone 6

white shirt denim jeans

Similar to the days of sneaking notes blatantly in class, no one seems to adhere to the rules. But if it really is having a legitimate effect on our relationships that matter, maybe it’s time to flush our phones down the proverbial toilet in the presence of friends, business partners, and loved ones who we’d like to stick around.

This weekend, I am going to try an experiment, to use my phone as little as possible. When I come up for air on Monday, I will let you know the blow-by-blow results.

How will I be able to control myself when e-commerce site Moda Operandi will be selling an 18-karat gold iPhone 6, on sale this Thursday, that is sure to be the perfect chichi gadget of the year. Ee Gads!

iPhone addiction

I am wearing: Theory blouse // Frame Denim jeans // Oliver Peoples West sunglasses // Nicholas Kirkwood sandals// Jerome Dreyfuss python cross-body bag // Kendra Scott ring

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