Inside Chanel: A Fashion Film

Fashion has a way of weaving itself into one’s life dictated by something as simple as our daily rituals. Brands are getting in on the action, creating content in the form of short videos as part of their seasonal advertising campaigns. Some brands are pushing the boundaries with novel narrative content, like Miu Miu and Alexander Wang using big budget directors. Looking at the current crop of fashion films, evidently Chanel’s “The Colours” got it right.

This morning, as I was reading BoF, a daily must-read, I thoughthis tidbit of information was fascinating. Black was primarily worn by servants and those in mourning until Chanel made the shade synonymous with elegance and used it to reveal “a women’s radiance”?

This fact is amongst other pearls of wisdom revealed in “The Colours” by Chanel, which, in three minutes, explains the history of each of Chanel’s iconic shades. Educational, yet fun and easy to absorb, the short clip is part of a chapter of the hugely popular “Inside Chanel” series, consisting of 12 original films that recount Coco Chanel’s life and the history of the house she founded.

If I had to live by one code, it would be the Chanel code. I live by these emblematic colors as evident in my wardrobe. Black. White. Beige. Gold. Red.

The short film below explains the five emblematic colors behind the storied house. It’s time to revamp my closet. Yet again. Watch.

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