Consider Breaking The Fashion Rules

Abiding by rules can be limiting, whether at school or at your job, yet with the restrictions come a sense of cohesiveness in our lives. Without those rules, most of us would be lost. The same does not apply to fashion rules which can equate to a pedestrian sartorial existence. Whether you feel obligated to store away your whites after Labor Day or believe you should only wear a gown with heels, put away those thoughts for a minute. Thankfully it only takes a little moxie to veer from convention to original, and if so inclined, to move towards an unorthodox way of thinking.

There are just so many ways to wear a simple shirt and a pair of pants but I find it so normore to wear what everybody else is wearing. Yes, I follow the trends, but I try to do so keeping true to myself. As I learned yesterday in the dressing room of life, not everybody can look fab in a  maxi dress.

Fashion is also an art, meant to have trials and errors. I tested the untrodden waters of wearing a bralet over an old vintage shirt. I am still on the fence whether I liked it or not, but it empowered me to break some long-adhered-to fashion rules. My goal was to emulate the runway of the Dries Van Noten show, where life is a breezy fairy-tale aura, as if from some faraway time or place. But life isn’t a runway, and sometimes, the looks do or don’t translate on the streets.

In spite of the warmly welcome three days of strange spring-like heat we’ve been lucky enough to endure, the Weather Channel informed me that it is supposed to rain and snow this weekend. Yes, you will have to replace your blazers and leather jackets with heavier coatssweaters and turtlenecks. Until then, let’s revel in this Spring-like weather and wear nothing but a bra outdoors.

bralet over shirt

gold shirts and black pants

Stella McCartney platforms

I am wearing a vintage shirt get one similar here // Dries van Noten pants // Eres bra or Alexander Wang// Stella McCartney platforms // Tiffany sunglasses

Get the look here:

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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