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What To Keep What to Toss What to Add

I have been on a cleaning rampage of late. For a starting point, I can wear a week’s worth of outfits, starting with a simple white shirt and simply adding from there. I have paired it with jeans, leather pants, a skirt. The reason this works is because it’s never about simply copy and pasting the same look over and over, right. It’s a game of take, toss and add, my friends. Don’t have any white shirts? Get em while they’re hot. You can and should use your own closet as the department store + stylist that I am sure it endeavors to be, and then make like a super star, kneeling down on one knee, arms in the air and body odor in check and start cleaning house. I did and it feels so good. In the name of a freezing cold New York day, let’s start cleaning our our collective closets. Here is a guide on what to keep, what to toss, what to add.



Let’s get dressed. Ignore the mess.

what to keep what to toss what to add

What to Keep.

Keep the basics.  The sweaters, the denim, the T-shirts. Keep the great layering pieces in your repertoire. Invest in new ones. The sales are HOT right now and now is the time to revamp those great pieces.

What To Toss.

Here’s the deal. If you haven’t worn an item for a year, it goes. Bye- bye. With no regrets. Many of my clients are afraid to get rid of certain clothing because it harbors memories. My advice? Take a picture of it and it will be saved to your camera roll. There is no need to wear something if it doesn’t fit, you no longer like it, or it was a gift from your long lost boyfriend. Check out resale sights like Depop and Poshmark where you can sell your goods to somebody who can find a good home for them. Duh.

What to Keep What to Toss What to Add

What to Add

Stop being a know-it-all. Don’t be so rigid in your personal edicts that you free-fall straight into a black, 100% cashmere rut. Throw in some color. Buy a slip dress and start channeling spring. Pink is huge for Spring, FYI. Add shoes on sale that you couldn’t afford in December. Pair them with your new slip dress and cover with layers and there’s your look.

what to keep what to toss what to add

Happy cleaning! Tell me what you have gotten rid of by end of week and I’ll share mine.


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