Winter Grey

W-w-winter is in full swing. And whether you’re buried under piles of snow (sorry, DC and NYC) or blown away by epic winds (ahem, Chicago), there’s never been a better time to focus on yourself i.e.: your health, your home, and your wardrobe. We stand here at the aftermath of the storm and the city is sloppy, gritty, and grey. If you are still digging out of Winter storm Jonas, take note. It is January. It’s not everyday that you can snowboard in New York City. If this storm told you nothing else, now is the time to update your closet and buy your ski gear. Be prepared. Just last week, I did prepare you to get your snow gear before the storm. Hopefully you did follow through. During the winter months, your wardrobe and fashion in general can feel dull and not full of the uplifting energy of Fall, but take note. You can update your style quotient by pairing a simple white shirt with black leather pants and adding a grey or black topcoat. Although this look is without true outerwear, the star of winter, at some point you have to take off that heavy coat and strut your stuff. If it weren’t for the white fluffy stuff, the city is grey and bleak. This is where the neutral color of winter grey, and matching the grit, comes into play. See down below how to play with your surroundings, and be in the moment. Winter grey it is!

winter grey

winter grey

Wearing: Stella McCartney coat

Theory white shirt

Etsy choker

Tamara Mellon leather leggings

Miu Miu sandals


winter grey

 winter grey

Jocelyn fur pom pom key ring

Forget Winter doldrums!

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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