Winter Coats

Thanks to the generous gift of 60 degree plus temps over the past month, all the coats you put off buying because the weather was so dark warm are on sale now. The good news is, there was no need need to spend upwards of $2,000 on a coat, when all you wore was a T-shirt, a vest, and a pair of jeans. Winter coats were far from your mind. But, in a rather cruel conjunction, that brief window of premature spring is over and it’s cold as balls in New York City right now. I don’t want to try to make sense of El Nino and its fluctuating crazy habits of late, but when life throws you unpredictability, you had better be prepared. Yes, it is always better to be prepared for everything. On the way out the door this morning, my fingers froze and have not yet completely thawed. On the upside, all that delaying of the inevitable has beautifully aligned with sale season, and suddenly every bit of outerwear you passed on four weeks ago is deeply marked down. Consider this your road map to finding the best option for a wondrous winter experience. Today, here is my guide to the best winter coats!

Here is me sans coat last week in New York.

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winter coats

Winter coats

Alexander Wang wooly vest

Frame denim jeans

Modern Vice boots. SHOP SIMILAR


First up, colorful fur.

I have been on a roll updating my furs. I like fluffy things. Colorful coats make such a great statement in the middle of Janaury and February when your fingers and toes are numb and the streets are grey and black. Faux fur is also a big part of my wardrobe. I am also partial to staying warm. Click images below to get the look!

You can wrap yourself in a robe.

Or, better yet, just let the wrap embrace you. Without any zippers or buttons or horn toggles to fumble around with, it will become your go-to piece on the sort of incoherent early mornings when its pitch black outside.

Have fun with fleece.

Thick and cuddly, these coats have all the extra warmth you will need come this week. I own a long shearling coat, and it is by far one of the warmest coats I own. Here it is.

winter coats

winter coats

Enjoy winter and now is the time to purchase winter coats. You’re welcome.

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