January Thrills

January is a mixed bag of nuts. You start the New Year with a bang, trying or not to fulfill your dreams two weeks at a time. Your all-black wardrobe needs an injection of spring, yet it seems so far away. Your office needs a makeover, your face needs a smile and its time to bust out of the January blues. But, sometimes it’s not that easy.

If the word “Polar Vortex” didn’t enter your vocabulary last week after a grueling near Arctic week –one of the coldest on record, you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t get wind-whipped cheeks, blistered lips, and perhaps frostbite solely from entering the great outdoors. Baby, it’s cold outside, and damn those weather forecasters were right.

I learned firsthand that such accessories such as my hat, a pair of gloves, and a scarf would do limited justice on my numb frost-bitten fingers and toes, but trudging through the icy sidewalks with fierce winds demanded that I run from café to café, movie to movie, (I saw American Hustle, BTW) overloading on the consumption of hot beverages. Even the most thermodynamic winter coat wasn’t enough for bone-chilling temperatures like negative nine.

Instead of succumbing to the demands of the weather and hibernating, pretend you’re that you are a mammal that has to survive the elements, even for the five minutes that require you to hail a cab, and protect your dermis with tons of protective layers. The key word here is survival.

white fur coat

Layering is a must on the best of the frigid days, and here’s how I survived the subzero temps. You’ll start with a base layer made of either wool or cotton — a foundation that allows for multiple over-layers. Add a pair of leather, mine are from Isabel Marant, or vegan leather pants, these are 50% off that will ward off blustery wind tunnels right up your legs.

leather pants

Then add a white shirt because nothing says clean and crisp more than the people over at Clorox and I can’t think of anything that would make my white shirt stiffer than that. On top of that throw on an ice blue sweater to go with the color of the way winter feels, icy and cold.

fur funnel

Next come the accessories, which include all things warm and fuzzy: a white fur neck funnel, a pom pom hat and a pair of blue velvet suede boots. Throw on a white jacket for the sartorial “wow” factor and you will be armed and ready for any wintry mix–even one for a polar bear. Don’t forget the multi-colored bag for every season and hold onto your hat. For realzz.

polar vortex

pom pom hat

Before you head out the door, make sure to check your weather app to bundle up in style.

white fur coat

Photos: Lydia Hudgens 

 Here’s how you too can get the look and take my tips on how to the polar dance. Here’s hoping for warmer climes.

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