Winter White

January is the best time to play catch up on all the movies I missed in the past year, because the days are short and the streets are deserted. Instead of culling more stuff from the red-hot mid-Winter sales, or eating my way through the Polar Vortex, I do a quick study on the endeavors of creative geniuses in the world of film.

Truth be told, I like to wander around the streets of Manhattan reinventing myself as a film critic, to see all the Oscar-worthy films before they broadcast the winners next month. Thus far, I saw a little Leo, sang to the Coen brother’s Inside Llewyn Davis, floated in Gravity, and cried during Twelve Years A Slave. I still need to see Her, and have yet to Do the Hustle. Although I have heard that Bradley Cooper dons hairrollers, and Amy Adams numerous iconic wrap dresses, (no spoilers please!) this 1970’s iconic movie about the world of con artists and mobsters seems to fit the way I’ve been dressing lately. Seen lurking around street corners, dressed in head-to-toe white, it seems par for the course. So in the 70’s spirit we go, in an ode to American Hustle, come hither the white boots, velvet clutches, and fluffy coats. All that is missing is the white fedora.

I like wearing shades of white in the winter because my skin is so darn pasty that wearing black does me no justice at all except show off how badly I need a glow. Here’s my style tips for those in the need of doing the hustle.

white coat

Add a pair of white boots. They add instant lightness of being in the invariable tricks you are trying to pull off. These brogues would work well too.

Hold a clutch. Make it preferably a pop of glamorous pink and one that is festooned with grommets or spikes.

Wear lots of jewelry. Duh. But if its super frigid outside, hold onto your vocal cords while you still have them, and just do the turtleneck.

White coat

topshop white coat // theory turtleneck // theory wool trousers // christian louboutin velvet clutch// modern vice boots, more here

pink velvet clutch

white boots

white faux fur coat

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

winter white

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