How to Prepare for the Holiday Party Season

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Ohhh yes, it’s coming. I just put way all my Halloween decorations, Balmain X H&M madness ensued without me, Thanksgiving is around the corner, (you have to impress your guests), and I am already packing, albeit in my head, for the few trips I have planned before the end of the year. And, the holidays, and parties that ensue are around the corner. Phew! It’s never too early to start shopping. Consider items already in your closet, cue the warm and fuzzy pieces that you haven’t worn and pull them out for a spin. We are busy women so it’s 96% likely that when you have a party, an event to attend, you have 3605834 other obligations to consider. For example, you are invited to a last minute party at your’s friends place and you’re at work with no clue of what to wear. But it doesn’t have to feel so stressful. In fact, the holidays can be downright easy if you follow my general tips, hire me as your consultant, and don’t drink the eggnog. Here are my solid tips that I can offer you today on how to prepare for the holidays.

1. Use the “Holidays” an excuse to get out of everything related to work-related events. This will allow for more me time. And “Me” time differs for everyone. For me, that is taking a walk, seeing friends, making both old and new connections, and stretching my body.

2. When you’re friends and family ask you what you want for Christmas or Hannukah, don’t say “nothing”. Tell them what you really want, which might be a massage, a mani-pedi, a warm scarf, new gloves, or THIS. Basically whatever your heart desires.

3. Eat the carbs. The holidays come around once a year, allow yourself to live a little.

4. Hire me as your personal assistant, slave, closet bitch. Whatever you want to call me. My email is I am available for hire.

how to prepare for the holiday season

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