The Vest is Your Cold Weather Essential

I have a novel idea now that it’s getting cold outside: consider the “look at me” vest as your favorite piece to grab, the piece you go to, your new bestie. Then chalk up the purchase to unique personal style. According to Jason Wu, who sent an investment fur vest down his Fall runway, there is no time like right now than to invest in a vest, a trend that is likely to be more than common by the time next spring rolls around. Maybe you’ve noticed the hordes of street style stars sporting colorful fur coats, scarves, and stoles this season? Well, it looks like this trend is showing no signs of slowing down and I am loving it.

From striped fur stoles to pastel furry coats, designers are using fur accents—whether real or faux—to give everything from silky eveningwear to ladylike jackets an added ooph of luxury. It probably doesn’t hurt that these “look at me” items are the winter equivalent of a statement necklace—guaranteed to get you noticed, and keep you warm, to boot. How about you be the one that raises the bar? Tell your friends that you thought of this first. You saw the multi-colored accoutrements parade on the runways and you were the one who saw this vest. The vest is your cold weather essential. Why? Just read these quick bullet points and see for yourself.

the vest is your cold weather essential

The are extremely versatile. Especially a vest that has five different ways to wear it. The Bodia Army Jacket can be worn in many ways. You can wear it with its multi colored fox zip-out lining and hood, or you can remove the hood and wear it with no hood. You can also take the lining out and wear it as a vest. You can also remove the trim from around the hood. In the Spring you can wear the Parka without any fur at all. There you go, extremely versatile.

Jocelyn Fur Bodia army vest

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Jocelyn Fur Bodia army vest

Jocelyn Bodia army vest

They function as a jacket but are even better because they have no arms. You can walk with ease without the bulky sleeves associated with heavy jackets in the winter. Yes, they can be quite expensive, but you will find the endless opportunities to wear it. Look at those colors! Or close it for your dose of utilitarian army green.

the vests a cold weather essential

multi-colored fur vest

You can wear it with all black like I have here of pair it with denim, a pair of brogues, or high waisted suede flares, and a crisp white shirt.

Finally, it is stunning to stare at. That’s it.

jocelyn fur

fur vest

Jocelyn Fur vest


J Brand velvet flares

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Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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