Denim shorts

The warm weather days of June bring out the desire to whip out something as simple as a pair of jorts and a fresh white t-shirt. Although this somewhat fickle weather has us not quite skipping out of work and heading to the beach, summer is a’coming. Looking back on those 100-degree scorching heat days of last summer the thought of putting on anything even resembling a simple pair of pants on our sweaty bodies has me sticking to the seat. (Except, of course, for these Tangerine tissue weight dreamy pair). July is the perfect excuse for breaking out a pair of denim cut-offs, as if you really needed one.  I’m pulling a Martha in this post and getting all crafty on your ass by transforming a pair of plain vintage Levis 501 Daisy Dukes into the must have shorts of the summer. The original cool ones, comprised of merely threads, were rendered inappropriate for a mom of a certain age. I guess shouldn’t feel so bad, I did buy them at Brandy Melville — a cult favorite trendy brand at an affordable price, but even so, I want to be forever young. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to wield a pair of scissors, some denim patches, and some bedazzled studs to make them applicable to any woman’s figure, and here it is: find my latest project. From start to finish, here we go.

Levis 501 shorts or these Genetic Denim distressed stretch shorts

I added a little sparkle, excitement, and coverage to these shredded shorts with a Bedazzler, some funky studs, and a few denim patches as some inspiration for those who think out of the box. Just place a stud on the clothing and push down. The patches are iron-on so they’re easy peasy.

and TADA! Here you have a fancy pair of Jorts.

And finally, for those of you rock studs that want to keep things easy, breezy, and ready-made, here is an assortment of jorts to accommodate your individual style and sure to satisfy your own personal cravings. Ombré, tie-die, studded. Take your pick.

From top to bottom: Free People cutoff shorts, Levi’s shorts, get a similar pair from Siwy, Coal N Terry vintage shorts, get a similar pair here RUNAWAYDREAMZ , Nasty Gal vintage studded shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs high rise 70’s shorts, Ksubi Alberceque cut-off shorts.

Coming soon on the fashion hunter, the booty in the jorts. No fupas. Not kidding. Now its off Fashion camp so I can DIY my way through the summer daze.


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