Day 7 interruption

Day 7 of NYFW has reared its head and I seem to be plugging through the end of this week unscathed and smiling. Besides an iPhone that runs out of juice, therefore searching any bar or restaurant for a charging station, fashion week is coming to a close with a bang. I have so much to write and say and so little time. I wore this outfit yesterday for Valentine’s Day, a lady in pink and purple pastels, not red, as I wore red the other day. Recycling looks is NOT permitted in these zones. Check here just in case you missed it. Lo and behold I am ready to take on the last and final two days of NYFW in the highest way.

Jes Wade purple shearling vest, Calypso pink sweater, Miu Miu shoes, Wolford tights,  Maje skirt, Mulberry bag, J.Crew white shirt, Tom Ford sunglasses, Chanel vintage bracelet.

Soft pastels paired with black tights and a leather skirt make an outfit a little edgy. Hair is pulled back in a side pony as I haven’t had time to get my hair straightened and done in time for the morning rush.

Ultimately, the above photo above describes a look such as “You are kidding me, right?” or “Please don’t steal my taxi” or you can think of your own bubble coming out of my brain. It’s good to keep you on your toes and thinking.

I also wanted to a moment to thank my new photographer friend Michael, Michael is a she, who has taken those brazen pics of me during these past few days! Hurrah!

Back to the tents! Follow me on Twitter and enjoy the ride!

All photos Michael Crook Click here to visit website

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